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Won the WWE Heavyweight Title from Triple H on April 17,but was stripped of the title and the match was stricken from the record 15 minutes later.

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Son of hockey player Ted Irvine. Professional wrestler. He wears lifts, so he's actually only about 5' 10", which is why he says jokingly because it was struck from the record that he is the shortest WWF champion of all time. First started his musical career with fellow wrestler Lenny "Dr.

Although he wasn't born there, he was raised in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada and was married there.

He is the first wrestler in history to hold the titles simultaneously, beating The Rock and "Stone Cold" Steve Austin in December Took his stage name "Jericho" from his birth town in Jericho, New York Lead singer of his band, Fozzy Before making it big in pro wrestling, Jericho was a bouncer and a model in Canada. Jericho actually tried to dress and wrestle like Shawn did when he was one half of the Rockers with Marty Jannetty.

Was the WWE's millenium man. During the summer ofa millenium countdown appeared on WWF tv. People noticed it really didn't countdown wwe jbl svorio metimas the Millenium, but instead August 9, at PM.

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Has held nearly every current WWE title in some form. He's also held the World Tag Team and Intercontinental titles. In true Rockstar fashion, Jericho was 40 minutes late for the show.

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Was once managed by Teddy Long. Jericho joined ECW in February Former European Champion. Jericho became Corazon De Leon south of the border.

His favorite channel is VH1 and he frequently appears on programs for the channel. Children: Ash b. On his birthday he flies to Mexico, then to Japan, then back to Mexico. This way he has two birthdays in one day, due to the change in time zones!!

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Jericho was inducted into the Canadian Hall of Fame on September 25, Former World Tag Team champion. Upon his return to the States, Jericho reformed a team with Storm.

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This time they would be called the Thrillseekers. Chris has duel citizenship in both Canada and the United States. Resides in Tampa, Florida []. He is a big fan of science fiction.

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Personal Quotes "An olympic [hero] with no neck, and a giant with no testicles! But you did it all to make up for the fact that you have a very The answer to that is easy, every Jerichoholic in this building is better than Kanyon! It's really Forest Gump!

Jericho along with Triple H and Shawn Michales also competed at the first Elimination Chamber match at the Survivor Series where all 3 of them were the last 3 of the six remaining in the match. April Is now feuding with his former tag team partner, Christian and former girlfriend, Trish Stratus.

After she turned on him during his Wrestlemania XX match against Christian. July Currently feuding with Evolution member Batista. Batista was the cause of Chris Jericho suffering a concussion svorio netekimas otezla to a power closeline.

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But lost when Edge nailed Y2J with a spear to retain his title. Was the 3rd person to be eliminated from the chamber. January Will take part in the Royal Rumble in Fresno, California on Jan 30th after winning a qualification match in Winnipeg his hometown on Jan 16th.

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AddedDavid Michael Bautista, Jr. In professional wwe jbl svorio metimas, Batista is a five-time world heavyweight champion, having won the World Heavyweight Championship four times and the WWE Championship one time.